Coaching program finished

Four months ago I started an Erickson International coaching training program “The Art & Science of Coaching”.

A program, which changed my life deeply and profoundly.

These months have been full of heavy work, joy, excitement, tiredness, inspiration and happiness. I have never enjoyed any other educational program or training in such a way. Even the final exams have been pure pleasure- like a cherry on a cake.

You might ask, what I got from it. Here it is:

  • Skills, knowledge and experience how to truly help people. In such a way that they will get a real long time benefit from our cooperation.
  • Coached by my classmates so that I got answers to my own questions and got rid of fears and hesitations.
  • Met with a group of wonderful people- it has been a true pleasure to work with you, boys and girls!

Today I can say with full confidence:

I feel like a true coach!

I work like a coach!

I am a coach!

My deepest thanks to our trainers and coaches Paul Gossen, Lynn Skotnitsky, Dr. Maciej Świeży and Intelligentne Group, who made it all possible. Thank you!

PS. I strongly recommend this program to anyone, who is interested in becoming a real coach. It’s not an easy and cheap program but if coaching is your calling, then it’s worth every penny and second you invest into it.